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Moss Terrariums (tutorial, how to make, care)

OK OK! I have been baiting you all with this for 2 days and here it is! The easiest, coolest, most awesome “little pretty” you can make for yourself or as a gift! Easier to care for than a potted plant, longer lasting than flowers and sooo amazing to watch!

 Moss terrariums are the latest craze… some selling for over $100 online – and kits selling for $50 or more. They look fabulous on a kitchen counter, bookshelf,  coffee table – and make beautiful home decor items!  Here’s how to make your own moss terrarium for just a few bucks!

What you need;

  • A glass container with a lid (can be sealed or not- but opening should be large enough for your hand to fit – or smaller if you want to use tongs)
  • Live moss or preserved moss that can be revived by watering (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby- but Lowes and other nurseries have it too)
  • Small stones or pebbles
  • 1-2 cups of potting soil (this is optional since moss does not need dirt to grow or survive)
  • Mini decor items of your choice (I used some rhinestone hair pins, birds, nests, miniature wagon wheels, shells, starfish, sand dollars, etc…)
  • A medicine dropper


  • Arrange your stones in the bottom of the glass container (this is for drainage)
  • If using soil – put your desired amount of soil over the stones
  • Tear off a chunk of moss and lay on rocks and/or soil (no need to “plant” it- just gently lay it inside on your stones or soil)- I even put some inside the bird nests- it can go on anything.
  • Place decor items where you want them in or around moss and stones.
  • Use medicine dropper to moisten moss (barely -don’t over-do it)
  • Cover and you’re done! REALLY!


Your terrarium is its own little eco-system – so it basically takes care of itself. If you are using a covered container the heat from the soil & moss will keep everything fairly moist. If you notice a little condensation in the jar – just open it for a few minutes. Or if using a metal lid- you can vent it with a couple of holes. Keep the terrarium out of direct sunlight – and occasionally drop a few drops of water on the moss- but you shouldn’t have to do this very often. If making an uncovered terrarium – you will likely need to moisten more often. Over time, the moss will grow and cover everything in its environment – just like it would in the forest or park. Enjoy watching your own little eco-system thrive and grow!!

Here are some pictures of the first few I made. Notice the different containers and decor items! You can really get creative with these!


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So Cool Washer Jewelry (project)

Ooooh shiny…and i was hooked! Somewhere i ran across a blog post about making cool jewelry out of metal washers (yes those round shiny metal donut thingys in the hardware store) – and i literally had dreams about it! haha! So I dragged my husband to Lowes with me- because I have no clue how to get around in that place – honestly it intimidates the heck outa me. Then made him browse the isles at Hobby Lobby  – to check out paper, leather string, jewelry making parts, glue – etc… until I am sure he was ready to fake a heart attack just to get out of there! (eehh…he’s a trooper though 😉 Thanks RicRay)

Okay, that was last night – and this morning I layed it all out on the dining room table to start my first jewelry making adventure.

 This is what I used;

  • metal washers- various sizes
  • leather string
  • cool papers from the craft store
  • Mod Podge (I used the glossy one)
  • Triple Thick (Its a glaze that gives dimension to your piece when it dries- SUPER COOL)
  • Various parts for clasps (I wasn’t sure which ones I’d like the best so I picked up a few different ones)
  • Brushes
  • And in the middle of it all – I realized that having a damp towel on hand would come in really handy

Its really easy- not too much to it;

  • Trace a circle around the FLAT side of your washer and on the inside of the hole (on the BACK SIDE of your paper)
  • Cut out the circle on the INSIDE of where you have traced (you want the paper to fit just inside the perimeter of your washer-no over hang)
  • Coat the flat side of your washer with Mod Podge
  • Smooth the paper circle onto the washer
  • Brush the printed side of the paper with Mod Podge & let dry a few minutes
  • Brush on the TRIPLE THICK glaze
  • Set aside to dry and harden for 24 HOURS before doing anything else (I got antsy and didn’t wait – kinda messed up the glaze on my first one)
  • String the washer pendent with leather, cord, metal chain, whatever you like!


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