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Going the Extra Mile – Prairie Thistle Jewelry

A while back I did a feature post for Little Posh Bebe – a home-based company that makes adorable handmade baby shoes & accessories. The feature was just as much about the “presentation” of the items I ordered as it was about the items themselves.  A few days ago – I was THRILLED once again by another amazing woman who is packing as much care & thought into her company – BRAVO to Julie Pishny, owner of Prairie Thistle Jewelry!

Not too long ago a mutual friend of mine & Julie’s (Stacey Bruce of Stacey Bruce Photography) told me that I needed to get in touch with Julie and find out about her & her beautiful jewelry. Oh I am so glad I did!! I see A LOT of jewelry online when I am browsing for myself and to report about to my fans… but its rare these days to find pieces that really stand out against the sea of handmade jewelry that is being offered right now. Julie’s talent for making unique & memorable jewelry art is some of the best I have found. Her “country” theme offers a vintage flair that just makes you feel cozy inside. Many times while I am browsing her Etsy store I find myself floating back in time to when I was growing up on my family’s farm in Mansfield, MO. While I am sure that my “farm days” are behind me – they are also still a big part of who I am – and I will always be a “farmgirl” at heart. It’s easy to see how I was drawn to the piece I finally decided on for my first of what I know will be a “collection.”

A few days ago – it arrived… and I don’t usually get giddy…but this did it!! This tiny little package showed up in the mailbox – and even though I already knew what was inside – I was still tickled at all the little extras that Julie had adorned my order with. I was so taken by the care that she had put into making this an “experience” for me that I almost over-looked that actual piece of jewelry!! haha!!

The bracelet – simply stating “FARMGIRL” in copper – held in place by rivets on a bright red leather strap is beautiful – rustic – simple – elegant and bold. I will wear it proudly – as it describes me, inside and where my memories live. Thank you Julie for such a great experience with you & your amazing art.

Take a peek at my “entire experience” and please take a few moments to browse around in Julie’s Etsy Store for something that brings you back to a sweet & cozy place of your own.

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So Cool Washer Jewelry (project)

Ooooh shiny…and i was hooked! Somewhere i ran across a blog post about making cool jewelry out of metal washers (yes those round shiny metal donut thingys in the hardware store) – and i literally had dreams about it! haha! So I dragged my husband to Lowes with me- because I have no clue how to get around in that place – honestly it intimidates the heck outa me. Then made him browse the isles at Hobby Lobby  – to check out paper, leather string, jewelry making parts, glue – etc… until I am sure he was ready to fake a heart attack just to get out of there! (eehh…he’s a trooper though 😉 Thanks RicRay)

Okay, that was last night – and this morning I layed it all out on the dining room table to start my first jewelry making adventure.

 This is what I used;

  • metal washers- various sizes
  • leather string
  • cool papers from the craft store
  • Mod Podge (I used the glossy one)
  • Triple Thick (Its a glaze that gives dimension to your piece when it dries- SUPER COOL)
  • Various parts for clasps (I wasn’t sure which ones I’d like the best so I picked up a few different ones)
  • Brushes
  • And in the middle of it all – I realized that having a damp towel on hand would come in really handy

Its really easy- not too much to it;

  • Trace a circle around the FLAT side of your washer and on the inside of the hole (on the BACK SIDE of your paper)
  • Cut out the circle on the INSIDE of where you have traced (you want the paper to fit just inside the perimeter of your washer-no over hang)
  • Coat the flat side of your washer with Mod Podge
  • Smooth the paper circle onto the washer
  • Brush the printed side of the paper with Mod Podge & let dry a few minutes
  • Brush on the TRIPLE THICK glaze
  • Set aside to dry and harden for 24 HOURS before doing anything else (I got antsy and didn’t wait – kinda messed up the glaze on my first one)
  • String the washer pendent with leather, cord, metal chain, whatever you like!


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