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I never expected to make this kind of MONEY with Nerium International

Call me for information (254) 291-6826

As excited as I am about the results I have seen in the mirror – my face, neck, chest – even my lips are smoother and more plump… today I would like to share the results that are happening in my bank account.

On June 11th I signed on with Nerium International as an Independent Brand Partner – and I won’t lie… I had no idea what I was doing. Now don’t get me wrong – I have been in some form of sales since I was 20 years old so I get the whole concept of learning a product inside and out and presenting it to the public. But the idea of multi-level marketing has never really appealed to me.

Several years ago (circa 2001) I got involved with Pampered Chef – but only because I wanted all their fancy kitchen gadgets and was too poor to buy them outright all the time. So I signed on with the company to get a discount and earn free products every month. It was fun, but I never made any noticeable money from it. I did however make some amazing friends – and for that I am forever thankful (Shout out to YOU LORI P!!!!)  In Pampered Chef I never built a team (or downline in the MLM world) – and therefore when I stopped doing my own parties – my income stopped as well. It was fairly difficult to sell the business side of Pampered Chef (in my opinion) at the time I was in it – because the company was over 20 years in the public by the time I jumped on board. Everyone I knew either was not interested, already selling it or knew someone who sold it. So after I went through my friends who were willing to host parties for me – I was kind of at a dead end. Now, please don’t get me wrong – I LOVE Pampered Chef and I love their values, products and people – I still use my products almost everyday in some fashion in my own kitchen, I am just saying that the business didn’t really work for me.

Directly on the heals of bowing out of Pampered Chef in 2002- I embarked on what was to be a very successful real estate career in Killeen Texas – which included my husband and I opening our own brokerage and having many Realtors working with us in our quest to house the Fort Hood Texas area. Last December I decided to try out selling homes for a national home builder in my town and have been working to learn the ropes with them for the past few months. So, when my good friend Stacey Bruce approached me about the Nerium opportunity, I was simply not interested. I had visions of home parties, stocking product, and working REALLY hard to not make much money- swirling around in my head. Not to mention all the other 10,000 MLM companies out there right now doing their thing – like candles, make-up, gold, jewelry, etc… and none of that was remotely appealing to me. So, I blew her off – in a nice way of course… but I didn’t even look at her website like she had asked me to do. I know, I know… a terrible friend I am.

Several days passed and Stacey followed up with me- asking if I’d had a chance to look at the Nerium info on her site… oops… What do I say now? I just quickly agreed to look right then – with full intentions of finding a few reasons why “this wasn’t for me” and then I could move on with not being interested. I sat down at my computer and found her site – hmmm… it actually looked really good. I clicked on the video and in 2 minutes I was sucked in.

The science, research & development, clinical trials, marketing strategies, packaging, testimonials… everything was the best I had ever seen. The forethought that went into this marketing company, product & compensation plan was phenomenal…and thats proven to be quite the understatement since I have been with the company.

Currently, I am earning more with Nerium than I am selling houses- and I couldn’t be more thrilled! It did take a good amount of my attention for the first 30 days – but if you knew that you could make a full time income after a commitment of 30 days- you would do it – right? Of course you would. I spread the word over 30 days – to my friends, Facebook fans, co-workers and anyone else who would listen…and my business took on a life of it’s own. I am now at my 60 day mark and my income is mostly from the efforts from those first 30 days…it only gets better from here.

There is power in knowledge… so even if you only go on a “fact finding mission” with no real intention of doing anything… it’s just information – and I can give it to you. The start-up is actually very simple – Nerium has thought of everything – and that just makes it easier! I can give you a real perspective of what it will be like during the first 4-6 weeks and how you can earn – well…as much money as you decide to. Getting in now is key… you will never have another opportunity to come on board with Nerium International during their first year… the benefits of which are exponential from this point on.

Message me at biobeautifulskin@yahoo.com or call me (254) 291-6826 to find out more information – no obligation – just “fact finding” 😉


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Moss Terrariums (tutorial, how to make, care)

OK OK! I have been baiting you all with this for 2 days and here it is! The easiest, coolest, most awesome “little pretty” you can make for yourself or as a gift! Easier to care for than a potted plant, longer lasting than flowers and sooo amazing to watch!

 Moss terrariums are the latest craze… some selling for over $100 online – and kits selling for $50 or more. They look fabulous on a kitchen counter, bookshelf,  coffee table – and make beautiful home decor items!  Here’s how to make your own moss terrarium for just a few bucks!

What you need;

  • A glass container with a lid (can be sealed or not- but opening should be large enough for your hand to fit – or smaller if you want to use tongs)
  • Live moss or preserved moss that can be revived by watering (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby- but Lowes and other nurseries have it too)
  • Small stones or pebbles
  • 1-2 cups of potting soil (this is optional since moss does not need dirt to grow or survive)
  • Mini decor items of your choice (I used some rhinestone hair pins, birds, nests, miniature wagon wheels, shells, starfish, sand dollars, etc…)
  • A medicine dropper


  • Arrange your stones in the bottom of the glass container (this is for drainage)
  • If using soil – put your desired amount of soil over the stones
  • Tear off a chunk of moss and lay on rocks and/or soil (no need to “plant” it- just gently lay it inside on your stones or soil)- I even put some inside the bird nests- it can go on anything.
  • Place decor items where you want them in or around moss and stones.
  • Use medicine dropper to moisten moss (barely -don’t over-do it)
  • Cover and you’re done! REALLY!


Your terrarium is its own little eco-system – so it basically takes care of itself. If you are using a covered container the heat from the soil & moss will keep everything fairly moist. If you notice a little condensation in the jar – just open it for a few minutes. Or if using a metal lid- you can vent it with a couple of holes. Keep the terrarium out of direct sunlight – and occasionally drop a few drops of water on the moss- but you shouldn’t have to do this very often. If making an uncovered terrarium – you will likely need to moisten more often. Over time, the moss will grow and cover everything in its environment – just like it would in the forest or park. Enjoy watching your own little eco-system thrive and grow!!

Here are some pictures of the first few I made. Notice the different containers and decor items! You can really get creative with these!


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BURLAP & Biscuits … COMING SOON to Central Texas!!

Just wanted to give a quick update on the store! I started the online store www.burlapandbiscuits.com to start showcasing & selling online to friends and fans – but I could see right away that having a fully stocked (and restocked) online store is going to be more than a full-time job! The photographs, write-ups, staging, packing, shipping, etc, etc… are all way more than one person can handle! Not to mention having time to get out and shop for new & vintage items – plus scour the internet for great treasures too.

Oh my goodness!! So, the plan to open an actual store front (which was always in the works) got pushed to the top of the priority list -and all I’ve been doing for the past 2+ weeks is gathering amazing inventory!! Folks, let me tell you… you are going to LOVE this stuff!! Some old, some new, some hand-crafted, some weird, some pretty, some classic…I could go on and on. We will even have some goodies like cupcakes, cookies & fudge!  You will no longer need to travel out-of-town to find fabulous and unique items -as soon as we can get this store opened!!

Heres the scoop…We are negotiating for a location in Harker Heights – but if all else fails… I will open this shop in our leased space on Elms Road. The hope is that we can get a deal worked out on the Harker Heights space – which means an opening date of “around” July 1st, 2011. However, if it turns out that we aren’t able to get that location – we have already made plans to open in Killeen ASAP – likely around the end of April. AS SOON AS I know when & where – I will post an update and let everyone know!!

In the meantime, if you see anything you like in our online store  www.burlapandbiscuits.com -just let me know!!


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A great Cause … Little Brayden

A couple weeks ago I was enjoying lunch with my husband at Wiseguys in Harker Heights. We were discussing the day’s events and catching up when a young mother came in with her adorable little boy. I noticed him first because he looked about Sadie’s age – maybe about 18 months or so… then I noticed his Mother carrying a tiny little walking stick – the kind you see being used by the blind to navigate while walking. I am sure by that time I was unknowingly staring and trying to process everything I was seeing, trying to figure out what was going on with that beautiful little boy.  As the moments went on, I noticed that the little boy wasn’t looking at or focusing on anything and deducted that he must be blind. I was overwhelmed with emotion – initially thinking of Sadie and how we would be coping if in the same situation and then wondering how this young Mother was coping…and then…wondering what it must be like for a toddler to be in a world of darkness.

Then I noticed that his Mother was talking to him – just like normal. She was trying to drop off her flyer so she could get home for nap time. She was smiling and happy and something about that made me feel better – for them and for me. I guess as a parent you just deal with whatever you are faced with in the best way you can. I think that’s what this Mother was doing.

When she left, the owner of Wiseguys showed me the flyer she had dropped off and my suspicions were confirmed. This little boy – who I then knew to be Brayden was in fact blind and was born that way. He suffers from a condition called OPTIC NERVE HYPOPLASIA (ONH)  – which is the under developement of the optic nerves preventing the brain from receiving images that the eye sees.

Michelle Ellis, the young Mother of this amazing little boy has started a web page to keep those interested in Brayden’s progress up-to-date. BRAYDEN’S BATTLE FOR SIGHT  She is also hosting a fund raiser on APRIL 16TH at Oveta Culp Hobby Soldier & Family Readiness Center (18000 Battalion Avenue, Fort Hood).  This is a spaghetti dinner, silent auction and raffles to raise money for a hopeful procedure in China. Thanks to the help of everyone so far, they have been able to raise $25,000 of their $35,000 goal – which is so amazing! Please offer your support in any way possible – for this last leg of their goal, they need the remaining $10,000 to make the long journey to China where hopefully all their dreams can come true.

Here’s some helpful information for those who can donate;

  • Contact: Michelle Ellis (Brayden’s Mother) at (254) 383-5991 or email mellis.101@hotmail.com
  • Donations can be made to BRAYDEN’S BATTLE FOR SIGHT at any 1st National Bank location in the Killeen/Fort Hood area.
  • Donations can me mailed to 3106-A Yaupon Rd, Copperas Cove, Texas 76522 – PAYABLE TO: BRAYDEN’S BATTLE FOR SIGHT
  • Spaghetti Dinner Fund Raiser April 16th from 5PM-8PM – pay at the door – $15/Adults & Kids over 13, $5/Kids 6-12, FREE/Kids under 5

Just for a moment, imagine if this were your child and please help this family give sight to their precious little Brayden.


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Totally Fabulous T-Shirt Necklace (Tutorial)

If I had a $1 in my wallet for every faded, stretched-out, ripped, too-small, stained & horrible t-shirt littering the floor, shelves, baskets & hangers in my closet…well I’d probably be accused of pole-dancing after the kids go to bed. (You know if they were folded the right way…the dollars – not the t-shirts) Anyway, I don’t have a dollar for them – nor could I get anyone to PAY me that much for them… So I had an idea.

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I came up with what I THOUGHT was a fantabulous “original” idea …but NOOO. Haha! I found lots of similar pieces and tutorials online this morning. So while it IS a great necklace and so easy a toddler could do it – sadly…someone beat me to it.

Here’s what I did with my old Roxy t-shirt.


  • Scissors
  • T-shirt

Extra Supplies if you so choose to EMBELLISH:

  • Hot glue
  • metal studs and/or bling

This is SOOOO easy!!

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Going the Extra Mile – Prairie Thistle Jewelry

A while back I did a feature post for Little Posh Bebe – a home-based company that makes adorable handmade baby shoes & accessories. The feature was just as much about the “presentation” of the items I ordered as it was about the items themselves.  A few days ago – I was THRILLED once again by another amazing woman who is packing as much care & thought into her company – BRAVO to Julie Pishny, owner of Prairie Thistle Jewelry!

Not too long ago a mutual friend of mine & Julie’s (Stacey Bruce of Stacey Bruce Photography) told me that I needed to get in touch with Julie and find out about her & her beautiful jewelry. Oh I am so glad I did!! I see A LOT of jewelry online when I am browsing for myself and to report about to my fans… but its rare these days to find pieces that really stand out against the sea of handmade jewelry that is being offered right now. Julie’s talent for making unique & memorable jewelry art is some of the best I have found. Her “country” theme offers a vintage flair that just makes you feel cozy inside. Many times while I am browsing her Etsy store I find myself floating back in time to when I was growing up on my family’s farm in Mansfield, MO. While I am sure that my “farm days” are behind me – they are also still a big part of who I am – and I will always be a “farmgirl” at heart. It’s easy to see how I was drawn to the piece I finally decided on for my first of what I know will be a “collection.”

A few days ago – it arrived… and I don’t usually get giddy…but this did it!! This tiny little package showed up in the mailbox – and even though I already knew what was inside – I was still tickled at all the little extras that Julie had adorned my order with. I was so taken by the care that she had put into making this an “experience” for me that I almost over-looked that actual piece of jewelry!! haha!!

The bracelet – simply stating “FARMGIRL” in copper – held in place by rivets on a bright red leather strap is beautiful – rustic – simple – elegant and bold. I will wear it proudly – as it describes me, inside and where my memories live. Thank you Julie for such a great experience with you & your amazing art.

Take a peek at my “entire experience” and please take a few moments to browse around in Julie’s Etsy Store for something that brings you back to a sweet & cozy place of your own.

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Sadie Alice Aprons – By Accident

How do ideas come about – Im sure a million ways… and “by accident” has got to top the list. The other day I was planning to make the “tater tot casserole” recipe that I posted and thought how cute and fun it would be to have Sadie (my 18 month old daughter) help me! She is in that stage of trying out new tasks and copying everyone. She loves to help so this was perfect. I went to get my apron and then stopped because …well SADIE didn’t have an apron! OH MY! What to do?!?! My brain stormed for a moment and then I dug around in my kitchen towel drawer – pulled out the “least stained” bar towel I could find (which was still pretty stained) – fired up my glue gun and rummaged through my ribbon box. Literally…in 5 minutes – Sadie had her very own apron! It was so stinkin’ cute that I had to make a few “real” ones (sewed instead of glued) and OMG – I was having so much fun that I didn’t even realize I had made 6 of them!! haha!! 

They made their way into my 2Raymond Design Co  Etsy store and I have gotten so much great feedback on them! If you see one you like let me know and I can recreate one similar if I am out of stock.

Here’s a few pictures of how this came about… and the ones since. (the “prototype by accident”

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