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Nerium Event in Austin Texas – August 28th at 6:30PM

If you have been toying with the idea of finding out more information on the Nerium opportunity – now is your chance!

Our Co-founder & President Dennis Windsor will be speaking at this event in Austin! The energy and excitement from this type of gathering is priceless!!

For those already in the business, it’s a great boost to your motivation and enthusiasm. For those still fact-finding – it’s a great way to gather the information you  need to make a well-informed decision. You can see first hand how this company is growing and taking care of it’s Brand Partners on every level. The committment that our leaders have made to supporting us is unprecedented and the benefits are endless when working under such an awesome leadership team as Nerium International.

I am loading down my car and taking as many people as I can – if you would like to join us – PLEASE let me know! I am seeing a substantial income from this already and all I have done is share my results with other people after using Nerium AD. I show my before and after photos, tell people how simple the application is and they all want to try it!

LET’S GO TO AUSTIN on August 28th!!! Call me if you need details on location or if you need a ride!! (254) 291-6826

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Nerium AD – Nerium International – Skin Care Revolution

Hi, my name is Paula Raymond and I am an Independent Brand Partner with Nerium International.

About 1 month ago, I started my new Nerium International business in Harker Heights, Texas & wow! what a whirlwind its been! This product is unrivaled by any other on the market for dramatic & significant improvement in fine lines, deep wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation, skin tightness & firmness and over-all improvement in the look and feel of the skin.

Most products on the market today can offer around a 2-5% improvement in some of the areas mentioned above… and consumers have been somewhat satisfied with that. Nerium AD has been clinically proven – time and time again- to improve the skin in ALL  areas mentioned above from 13- 50%  and THAT is something to get excited about!

Nerium AD is made from a patent pending extract of the Nerium Oleander plant – which is known for its incredible healing qualities and is even undergoing much research to be utilized as a cancer treatment. In fact, that is how Nerium AD was discovered. It was an accidental discovery in 2004 while the oleander plant was being tested at the prestigious MD Anderson Research Center in Texas. Human test studies were showing amazing results in improving the effects of aging on skin types of all kinds. After many more years of research and study in another lab, Nerium AD was born and now available to the world through independent brand partners like me.

The results I saw in my own chin & neck area were so dramatic that even I had a hard time believing it! But, it really happened and subsequently I have been spared from an unnecessary surgery to correct my sagging neck! These are my before and after pictures – taken with my iPhone in my bathroom – completely unedited. Notice the youthful new look of my neck skin and the sagging around my mouth is gone. Even my lips look fuller and younger! This dramatic result was achieved by using Nerium AD night cream – once per day, at night before bed…that’s all I did.

Left- Day 1, Right- Day 19 after using Nerium AD

You can order your own bottle of Nerium AD through this link; CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE NERIUM AD Or feel free to call or email me for more information on this amazing product. (254) 291-6826, biobeautifulskin@yahoo.com Watch our informative videos at and see more before and after photos at www.paularaymond.nerium.com


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Foundling …an Etsy Store, Be prepared to Fall in LOVE!

 Yesterday as I was crawling through updates & emails – I noticed that one of my “Etsy Friends” had added a new favorite to her list. Of course I had to check it out & knew RIGHT AWAY that it would be one of my favs too. Foundling is now one of my most favorite favs… I just have to decide on which piece I am going to make my own.

I am so in love with the trendy jewelry look – the resin & distressed metal showcasing  just about anything you can fit inside. This shop is using one of my most beloved mediums though … words.  Words are so powerful and yet when a piece like this is given or received as a gift – it can be almost like a secret between 2 people. Just one word… can say so much.

Take a little peek at what this shop has to offer … and you were warned… you’re going to fall in love with these pieces.

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2Raymond Design Co is HERE!!

Richard & I are so happy to announce the launch of our Etsy store  & new venture 2Raymond Design Co! I posted 5 items for sale today – and navigated my way through the Etsy set up pretty well if I do say so myself! There are 4 custom sets of tumbled stone coasters & 1 fabulous chalkboard plate (that I almost couldn’t part with) – and more items coming this week!

We are currently working on 4 custom shadow box jewelry cases – hoping those will be finished and ready to list this week!! Other items in the works are the “Signs of Life” custom signs — which will showcase a special date and initials in a very very awesome & unique way. We will also be offering custom vinyl lettering (for wall decor) by Spring time! (Very excited about that one!)

To all my Discover Fabulous fans (Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere) – thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing support since the launch of Discover Fabulous on December 16th! We have grown FAST to over 200 fans and are hoping for 1000 by the end of the year! Please continue to share our site & blog with your friends.

Lastly, I hope that everyone is enjoying the contests & free giveaways… they will continue FOR EVER I promise!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE surprising people with something unexpected & I intend to keep doing it as a regular part of this new business. All contests and giveaways will be posted on the blog & Facebook so watch out for them! (Currently we are collecting entries for a FREE Amazon Kindle – drawing on Feb 1st. See the related blog post for details on how to enter!)

Click any of the pictures below to see more about the items for sale on Etsy!

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