A great Cause … Little Brayden

A couple weeks ago I was enjoying lunch with my husband at Wiseguys in Harker Heights. We were discussing the day’s events and catching up when a young mother came in with her adorable little boy. I noticed him first because he looked about Sadie’s age – maybe about 18 months or so… then I noticed his Mother carrying a tiny little walking stick – the kind you see being used by the blind to navigate while walking. I am sure by that time I was unknowingly staring and trying to process everything I was seeing, trying to figure out what was going on with that beautiful little boy.  As the moments went on, I noticed that the little boy wasn’t looking at or focusing on anything and deducted that he must be blind. I was overwhelmed with emotion – initially thinking of Sadie and how we would be coping if in the same situation and then wondering how this young Mother was coping…and then…wondering what it must be like for a toddler to be in a world of darkness.

Then I noticed that his Mother was talking to him – just like normal. She was trying to drop off her flyer so she could get home for nap time. She was smiling and happy and something about that made me feel better – for them and for me. I guess as a parent you just deal with whatever you are faced with in the best way you can. I think that’s what this Mother was doing.

When she left, the owner of Wiseguys showed me the flyer she had dropped off and my suspicions were confirmed. This little boy – who I then knew to be Brayden was in fact blind and was born that way. He suffers from a condition called OPTIC NERVE HYPOPLASIA (ONH)  – which is the under developement of the optic nerves preventing the brain from receiving images that the eye sees.

Michelle Ellis, the young Mother of this amazing little boy has started a web page to keep those interested in Brayden’s progress up-to-date. BRAYDEN’S BATTLE FOR SIGHT  She is also hosting a fund raiser on APRIL 16TH at Oveta Culp Hobby Soldier & Family Readiness Center (18000 Battalion Avenue, Fort Hood).  This is a spaghetti dinner, silent auction and raffles to raise money for a hopeful procedure in China. Thanks to the help of everyone so far, they have been able to raise $25,000 of their $35,000 goal – which is so amazing! Please offer your support in any way possible – for this last leg of their goal, they need the remaining $10,000 to make the long journey to China where hopefully all their dreams can come true.

Here’s some helpful information for those who can donate;

  • Contact: Michelle Ellis (Brayden’s Mother) at (254) 383-5991 or email mellis.101@hotmail.com
  • Donations can be made to BRAYDEN’S BATTLE FOR SIGHT at any 1st National Bank location in the Killeen/Fort Hood area.
  • Donations can me mailed to 3106-A Yaupon Rd, Copperas Cove, Texas 76522 – PAYABLE TO: BRAYDEN’S BATTLE FOR SIGHT
  • Spaghetti Dinner Fund Raiser April 16th from 5PM-8PM – pay at the door – $15/Adults & Kids over 13, $5/Kids 6-12, FREE/Kids under 5

Just for a moment, imagine if this were your child and please help this family give sight to their precious little Brayden.



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3 responses to “A great Cause … Little Brayden

  1. Thank you so extremely much! As I was reading this, I noticed I had tears running down my face. For so long, I have been trying to hide those tears, trying to be strong, not only for myself but for Brayden as well. I want to thank you so much for everything. The way you wrote this is amazing! I just go about my days, and I don’t notice how other people react when they see Brayden, and also the “little white cane” we have. To me its my normal now. When I saw how you took such notice, and how it effected you in such ways, it went straight to my heart. Thats where the tears come from. Makes me realize that there are so many people out there that truely, 100% care and have concern. Thank you so much for your care and support for Brayden, as well as our family! Thank you so much for everything!

  2. Sandy Robinson

    I too am blessed with a daughter who has ONH. We will start our fundraising soon. I had the opportunity to meet brayden and his parents and they are amazingly strong people. My daughter has taught me so much about love,acceptance, perseverance and confidence. She is my life. Thanks for the beautiful article, you have really touched on an awesome moment in life!

  3. Shawna Ottenschot

    This is truly touching. Brayden is my second cousin and a wonderful little boy. Thank you so much for your support. It is people like you that this world needs more of. A complete stranger that cares when she doesn’t have to. You took it upon yourself to write this and reach out to help a family that you don’t even know. Thank you so much, your kindness will not go unnoticed!

    P.S Michelle and Bradyen- love and miss you!

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