Totally Fabulous T-Shirt Necklace (Tutorial)

If I had a $1 in my wallet for every faded, stretched-out, ripped, too-small, stained & horrible t-shirt littering the floor, shelves, baskets & hangers in my closet…well I’d probably be accused of pole-dancing after the kids go to bed. (You know if they were folded the right way…the dollars – not the t-shirts) Anyway, I don’t have a dollar for them – nor could I get anyone to PAY me that much for them… So I had an idea.

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I came up with what I THOUGHT was a fantabulous “original” idea …but NOOO. Haha! I found lots of similar pieces and tutorials online this morning. So while it IS a great necklace and so easy a toddler could do it – sadly…someone beat me to it.

Here’s what I did with my old Roxy t-shirt.


  • Scissors
  • T-shirt

Extra Supplies if you so choose to EMBELLISH:

  • Hot glue
  • metal studs and/or bling

This is SOOOO easy!!


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