Beautiful Burlap Coffee Sack Throw Pillow (project)

Why do I have this “thing” for burlap? Eehhh who cares? Its fabulous in that natural and rustic kind of way…. who “doesn’t” have a thing for it? I am seeing it everywhere these days… and why not? Its cheap, its durable and ooohhhh the creative things I have seen lately!! Pillows, wall art, accessories, table runners, even jewelry! 

A few weeks ago I ordered 5 coffee sacks from Etsy… not paying attention to the measurements given – I was SHOCKED at their size when they came in! These things are HUGE! Each one measured about 2 1/2 feet by about 4 feet!! Wow! So getting them each for $2.50 was a BARGAIN! I have been staring at them since they arrived- wondering what fabulous’ness I can bestow upon them…

My first project using one of them was a throw pillow. I have several $5 plain black throw pillows that I picked up at a sale somewhere a while back. I have been using them “as is” in my family room – but they pick up a lot of lint and its becoming a pain. Since pillow “inserts” at the craft store start at $7 and go up- I figured this would be a great way to repurpose my black throws into something really amazing and save a little dough doing it!  (By the way- you can pick up throw pillows at garage sales, thrift stores & dollar stores all the time- for pretty much nothing. If you get used ones. just give them a good spray with Lysol – you’re going to be covering them anyway – so stains don’t matter. If they are still in pretty good shape (no rips or tears) you can even give them a spin in the washer – but beware of the possibility of the stuffing bunching up. Some will- some won’t.

Okay so here’s what you need;

  • Burlap-  about a yard for an 18 x 18 pillow – but measure your insert and make sure.
  • Insert
  • Needle & NYLON thread – recommend a matching thread to your burlap
  • Sewing machine – OR I bet you could even do this with hot glue – but I can’t vouch for how long the seams will last unless your pillow will be purely for decorative purposes. (You decide here- I used a sewing machine for mine)


  • Measure your insert and cut your burlap about and inch to inch & a 1/2 larger than your shape ( mine was square – so EASY!)
  • Put the right sides together and pin 3 sides into place.
  • Sew about 1/2 to 3/4 inch around the 3 pinned sides.
  • Stuff your insert into the cover
  • Fold in the 4th side to create a finished edge – pin – and whip stitch. (All I had was white nylon thread on-hand so you can really see my stitches- but it works out okay for the tutorial)
  • DONE!

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