Barn Owl Primitives signs- GIVEAWAY!! (contest)

Oh wow! As I was browsing through Twitter last night – and looking at some of my new Twit-friends …I stumbled across a fabulous free giveaway! (Thanks Shelley Smith!)

Barn Owl Primitives is another great Etsy shop – they specialize in printed signage for your home… and if you’re anything like me – people can actually READ your house!! haha!! I am addicted to signage and have just about used every square inch of my wall space for some type or another of signage. (Pretty sure this is annoying my husband – but I happen to LOVE IT!!)

Check out this great contest for a $50 gift certificate to the Barn Owl Primitives store!!


Here is some of the work you will see in the store! My fav is the “You Are My Sunshine” yellow sign! HOW CUTE IS THAT!!!


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