I WILL NOT TALK IN CLASS … (Chalkboard projects)

Remember writing lines in school – always for various offenses like talking, chewing gum, sleeping, shooting spit balls at the teacher… I could go on & on with this but I wont. It always seemed like teachers had no sense of humor – but I digress… haha! Really all they were doing was giving us ideas (although unknown to us then) for how to be “crafty” in a more (or less) adult way later on!

As I was browsing the isles of my local Dollar Tree this weekend, searching for some $1 inspiration… what was I to find but a PLATE!! Yes an ordinary plate to the “untrained” eye… but for those of us who might have spent a few hours at the blackboard, breathing in chalk dust, mumbling obscenities and writing some non-creative choppy sentence like “I will not pick my nose in class.” the plate becomes a work of art – with just a swish or two of chalkboard paint! So I rang up that PLATE and rushed home to my mad-scientist lab (aka the kitchen table) and went to work. A few minutes later (literally) I had something that would raise the hair on the back of any teacher’s neck… a beautiful chalkboard plate that I can scribble on ANY TIME I WANT…not just when I’m bad!!

So that got me thinking – what ELSE could I freak out the teachers with?!?! I compiled a TO DO list of some future projects using chalkboard paint … Let me know if you decide to try any of these! You can find the paint at your local home improvement or craft store, Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart – this stuff is everywhere!! I used Americana Black Chalkboard paint for my PLATE – see the cute little picture below!



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4 responses to “I WILL NOT TALK IN CLASS … (Chalkboard projects)

  1. Julie

    Very Cool!! I love those ideas and can actually see myself doing something like this….well, someday. Thanks for the info, the idea, and your fabulous creativity!

  2. Oh Julie- you flatter me…go ahead….hahahaha!! It was easy and fun! You should try it- I wasn’t lying when I said it was literally a few minutes to the finish line! How fast can you paint?? LOL!!

  3. I love chalkboards! They’re so functional and so decorative.

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