Discover Fabulous GIVEAWAY!! Amazon Kindle!!

FREE AMAZON KINDLE!! DISCOVER FABULOUS is having an amazing giveaway for an AMAZONE KINDLE reader!

Some of you may remember I mentioned this several days ago… and now I am delivering! Discover Fabulous is giving away a FREE AMAZON KINDLE to one lucky fan on February 1st, 2011!! The contest will run through 10AM CST on 2/1/2011 – and there are multiple ways to win!

Here’s how you can win – you can do 1 or all of the following!

  1. Comment here- on this blog post about how you would use your Amazon Kindle (for yourself, give as a gift, bribe for your teenager, etc…)
  2. Subscribe to the Discover Fabulous blog either with your Blog Reader or via email updates.
  3. Through your Facebook page – find the Discover Fabulous fan page – scroll down on the left and click the SHARE button – send to your friends (include Paula Duncan Raymond in your “To” line so I will know you sent it OR share the page in a POST to your wall and include Paula Duncan Raymond or Discover Fabulous (using the @) in your message
  4. Comment on the Discover Fabulous Facebook fan page under any & all notices of this contest !

Each of the 4 items above will count as an entry – so you can increase your chances by doing all of them! The winner will be notified through their email address given on the subscription and/or on their Facebook page!

Good luck! And pass the word to your friends!



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30 responses to “Discover Fabulous GIVEAWAY!! Amazon Kindle!!

  1. Heather Coster

    I would give the kindle to my sister, she wanted one for christmas and her husband thought a camera lens for THEIR camera would be a better gift than what she actually wanted!

  2. Kristin

    Love the recipes

  3. Karin

    I think it would have to be a 40th birthday present for myself since I now have to use reading glasses to read the kindle app on my iphone!

  4. Pamela Cox

    I would love to have a Kindle – I would probably end up giving it away as a gift (just because that is how I usually do things). But if I don’t give it away then I would definitely use it myself to do more reading – I definitely need to do that – I’ve gotten away from that having to be Mom and Grandmom so it is something I need to get back in to doing. Thank you for having a giveaway – I love your links and ideas on facebook. Pam

  5. Brittany Todd

    I would def use the kindle for myself so I could read my favorite books anywhere anytime! This is such a great give away can’t wait to find out the results 🙂

  6. Donna MacDonald

    I think i would use this personally. I have wanted one for sometime. I love reading autobiography’s mostly, just haven’t been able to afford one yet. I heard they are really FABULOUS, so with this entry maybe i will DISCOVER just how FABULOUS, it is.


  7. I want that Kindle!! I would read it while waiting on the kids at school and practices… then bribe my little one to finish his reading logs for school.

  8. Ashleigh M. Hudson

    This was so be a GREAT new “Toy” to have. I could use it to keep up with all the new books in my book club and MOST importantly download new info/research with work. (dental). Hope I get picked. hehehe ;o)

  9. Rebecca Garelick

    I have to say that, yes, I’d be selfish and keep it for myself! Since reading is my favorite pastime (and note that I do say pastime here!) I would hole up in bed and send the kiddo and the hubby away and spend the whole day reading! Or better yet, since I can never find the time to make it to the bookstore, I could just download all those books I want to read and take a week off, pack the family off to his parents and spend the whole week in bed reading! You know what I would call this? Pure Bliss!!

  10. I would use this as a gift for me wonderful 17 yr old daughter. She LOVES to read! I mean going to the library and getting at least 8 huge novels! She came to us recently to let us know she wants to be abstinent. We thank God for her choice and are taking her shopping for a Purity ring. This Kindle would be icing on the cake for a sweet girl!

  11. Kristal Duncan

    Dear Discover Fabulous,

    I am a mother of three children. Two of which are early teens and now beginning to do research papers in school. We have yet to find the means to buy a laptop or PC for them to do any research at home. We send alot of time in public libraries and searching on my phone. It’s a tedious process. I would use the Kindle to teach them responsibility and initiative in their school work, as well as give my phone a break!!!

  12. Cindy DeSousa

    Would love to have the Kindle to really get my 4-year interested in reading. A friend of mine has one and my son told me “It’s really cool mommy”. And of course, I could use it after he goes to bed!!!!

  13. Crystal Miller

    How nice! What an awesome give away! I am thinking I know the perfect rea∂er to give this too!

  14. I would keep it for my self so I can read my favorite books and do all my Bible Studies with out carrying 5 different books each day!

  15. Trish McCurrin

    I would love to win one and have a drawing to see which of my 7 kids would get it. I got one for Christmas and love it.

  16. Bradi Diaz

    I want to give it to my Mom. We both are avid readers and I love mine!!

  17. Kelley Formoso

    This would be an awesome gift for my older daughter who is turning 10 in April. She asked for one for christmas, but santa didnt have the money. LOL

  18. Sabrina Foster

    I gave my mom a Kindle for Christmas, and now I wish I had bought 2. She loves it and takes it everywhere. We live in the boonies, no cell phone service :(, so getting a decent newspaper without having to drive somewhere is impossible. The convenience of the subscriptions would be wonderful.

  19. James

    I would use the kindle to store Field Manuals and Training Manuals to use for traiing the young soldiers whose well being I am resposible for!

  20. Justine

    I would give this as a gift to myself. I need to catch up on some reading, as a stay at home mom, i need something to keep my brain going lol

  21. Barb Eickhoff

    I would give the kindle to my mother-in-law.. She is a avid reader. Lives 30 miles from a book store and I have talked with other kindle owners and they say they are great! thanks for the chance to win.

  22. Would love to win and give it to my hubby while he is deployed 🙂

  23. AmyLiz

    I would use it to de-clutter. I have way too many bead books and magazines…Hopefully I would be able to purchase them on the kindle for simple storage 😀

  24. Karin

    I started walking two weeks ago the kindle app on my phone is ok. But I would love a bigger screen!

  25. Missy Brothers

    I would use it for myself! The kids get everything. I think it would be a fabulous anniversary gift for me. LOL.

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