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Hello Fabulous Fans! Christmas is over – New Year‘s is just a few days away and then on with another great adventure in 2011!!

This week’s DISCOVER FABULOUS plans include;

  • making a homemade apple crisp recipe- from IceMilk Aprons – Preserves blog. I just need to talk myself into getting out again in this nasty-wet-cold weather to get the ingredients I need. Will post pictures of how this goes!
  • trying out “washer jewelry” – one of the Christmas gifts my husband gave me was a thoughtfully filled bag of items I will need for some future projects – and this was one of them! I can’t wait to see how creative this one can get – and all from a metal washer from the hardware store!!
  • racking my brain for a catchy -yet appropriate – yet memorable name for what I hope becomes a new biz in my local area sometime this year!
  • and of course still scouring the web for FABULOUS FINDS to pass along to my loyal fans, friends & followers!

Check back to find out how the jewelry project and apple crisp turn out!


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