Fabulous Felt Wreath (project)

Super Super EASY! I made this wreath this morning is less than an hour!! Makes a great handmade gift and costs about $5 – no kidding!!  Use reds & greens for a Christmas theme, pink for a baby girl, blues for a boy, custom colors to match a room’s decor, etc etc…  I love this project!!

Here’s what you need;

  • 9 x 12 felt pieces (I used 20 pieces cut into thirds to make a 14 inch wreath)
  • Long needle & thread (I used a doll making needle & quilting thread)
  • Scissors
  • A piece of cardboard  (about 12 x 12 -any old box will do)
  • Hot glue

Step-by-Step: (see image for step-by-step pictures)

  1. Gather your supplies & plug in your glue gun
  2. Cut 9 x 12 felt pieces into thirds- making 3 x 12 strips
  3. Ribbon fold each strip (it will need about 4 folds)
  4. Hold your folded strip with one hand
  5. Thread the needle through the center of each folded strip
  6. Continue folding and threading strips together on a long piece of thread (like stringing popcorn)
  7. Your stack of threaded strips should be getting long now!
  8. Once all the strips are threaded bring the 2 ends together and stitch them closed. (Be sure to hide your stitches)
  9. Form your wreath in the shape you want (it will be floppy) on a piece of cardboard & trace a circle from the inside of your wreath (as a guide for cutting)
  10. Cut just OUTSIDE the circle you draw (you want your cardboard circle to be larger than the hole in your wreath so you can’t see it). Cut out the center of the circle to make a nut shape.
  11. Attach the ring to the back of your wreath with hot glue to make it sturdy.
  12. Attach a hanging loop- with hot glue to the cardboard. (I used a scrap piece of felt) HANG IT!!

Love it! This one is going in the nursery. But I see more in my future 😉



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