Adorable & Handmade by Wooly Baby

As I was perusing Etsy last night… I ran across these FABULOUS handmade wool slippers (and other items) for babies and toddlers! Wooly Baby is a company founded by Josie Marsh… a mom who wanted something better for her baby…and don’t we all want that? Here’s what their website says about these FABULOUS little slippers!


Lots more styles & colors for BOYS & GIRLS!


Wooly Baby slippers are handmade from re-used wool sweaters and leather jackets. They’re available for babies as young as six months up to four year-old kids.
Parents love Wooly Baby slippers because they are eco-friendly, they feature soft and non-skid soles (perfect for wood floors), and they keep ankles warm. Wooly Baby slippers can be worn as house shoes, out for errands, to the library, in the car, under roomy boots, and even to bed!
They are designed by Josie Marsh, a work-at-home-mom of one. Josie, formerly a manufacturing engineer, began making slippers when she couldn’t find wool slippers with tall ankles for her own baby.


Check out Wooly Baby for more styles!


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