Aprons …so “retro-chic”

Just one of many!! (This is my fav!)

I don’t know when aprons made their “come-back” but I LIKE IT!!  Seems like more and more people are getting back to the basics, cooking, baking, home-made gifting – it’s so nice to slow-down and enjoy the simple things that our mothers and grandmothers did.

 In the search for a MOST FABULOUS apron – I am happy to say EUREKA!! IceMilk Aprons are my personal fav! Simple but retro… looks exactly like something my Nana would have worn! Check out their site for other FABULOUS items like recipe cards, gift packages and monogramming services. Wouldn’t this be the perfect gift for those special ladies on your list? www.icemilkaprons.com



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4 responses to “Aprons …so “retro-chic”

  1. I agree, it does seem that more people are getting back to basics. A few years ago it felt like I was constantly berated by feminists for my traditional values. I feel that keeping these traditions is more empowering, now I’m finally finding a community that sees things this way as well. That is a very sweet apron

  2. I LOVE those aprons. Very chic for kitchen wear

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